We are
A New Venture Activator.

We cultivate and manage a portfolio of entrepreneurial endeavors that are strategically designed for corporate participation.

We don’t create operating companies.

We create short-term (18-24 month) proof-of-concept ventures around our own innovative products, services, experiences or business methods. They are strategically designed to allow corporate innovation and CVC teams to quickly and cost-effectively validate or identify core, adjacent or third-horizon growth opportunities.


We are values-oriented,
not portfolio-oriented.

Rather than creating ventures around corporate partners’ specific product portfolios, we keep our attention on the core value propositions that they espouse. It is the “why” and “how” that keeps them relevant, vital and dominant in the marketplace that interest us—values such as sustainability, wellness, loyalty, empowerment, personalization, etc.


We deliver tangible opportunities, not exploratory workshops.

We cultivate, protect, vet and then present a POC venture to specific corporate partners that we believe would realize tangible strategic benefits from being involved throughout the entire process. 


We create value for corporate partners at each stage of the process.

We provide participating corporate partners with vital access to proprietary data and insights, pre-market consumer engagement, and rights-of-first-refusal to acquire or license key assets of the venture at various milestones.

We provide a streamlined path to operationalizing innovation.

We design the implementation of each venture in full coordination with our corporate partners. This maximizes opportunities for them to quickly and efficiently integrate key insights or commercialize the actual innovation within their existing channels.